Retro New York images

There are some really cool New York images from the 40s here. If you check them out you’ll find that some things have changed big-time but some have hardly changed at all! The beautiful city of New York still carries that special, vibrant glow that makes people write poems, books and make movies about it. It’s a city with a pulse entirely of its own.

When I wrote my novel The Wake-Up Call I had to place the main parts of it there, although I knew it’s kind of a cliché. My central character Jack Reynolds simply couldn’t be based anywhere else but in the world’s capital and I couldn’t write so lovingly about any other city in the world.

Google analytics tells me a lot of my visitors find the New York tag but I’m not exactly sure why or from where. Sure, I write a lot about New York, but I still can’t figure out why the New York googlers keep on coming.

I guess I should hope a few of them happen to stumble upon my book…

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