Pepsi Brand Culture

Added this post about the Pepsi brand on the team blog at work. Pretty interesting stuff.

What Pepsi does so well is creating strong sub-brands to support the main brand. Just compare Coke Zero and Pepsi Max. Pepsi Max is ultra-aggressive, cool, lifestyle. Coke Zero has one selling point – no calories, something which the products obviously share.

I think Pepsi have been far more clever in building up the sub-brands than Coca-Cola and I think they have a lot to gain from that. Both brands will go out of their way to try to hurt their main opponent in the ads, you can see this here and in most bigger campaigns they do.

Pepsi Cola vs Coca Cola is a fascinating brand battle that will go on for ages. But when it comes to the customer I think it all boils down to taste. You’re either a Pepsi man or a Cola man.

Or maybe you want to save your teeth and stay away from both.

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