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I’ve always liked mornings. The dawn of a new day, endless possibilities, the blank slate. Stuff like that. And if you wake early you feel like you’re ahead of everybody else and the world is there just for you to enjoy. Pretty poetic.

Problem is, most mornings lately I haven’t been able to wake up at all. Not in a good way at least. I’ve been drained. It’s been a hellish winter by Malta standards and my previous 6:30 am gym routines has become a lunch-time gym routine (still a good routine obviously). When it’s as cold indoors as it is outdoors, which is the case in Malta in winters, (at least some winters), you’re not keen to get out of the three-to-five layers of fabric you’re sleeping under. It’s the humidity and the lack of indoor heating that’s making me tired and lazy.

But yesterday was the first day of spring and I’m keen to get back to early-riser routines. Which I hope will give me time to get me back into the writing that’s been sorely neglected the last five months.

If you’re a writer, being a early riser seems to be a decent recipe for success. That’s at least the point of this great post on Brain Pickings called “Famous Writers’ Sleep Habits vs. Literary Productivity Visualized“.

Suddenly I feel tired and need to go to bed. Good night.

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