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You’ve probably seen her in one of her romantic comedies. She’s the pretty one with the neurotic smile and the bubbly laughter. She steals the hearts of boys and the envy of women. But behind the silver screen she isn’t happy. Her marriage to a hunk-ish actor is falling to pieces, her career is on a downhill slope and she has developed a whopper of a drinking problem. She’s lucky to have Darryl. Her shining star. Her saviour in sticky situations. Her personal assistant since four years.

But just as she’s about to crash hard, Darryl falls in love with her. And then all hell breaks lose.

Let the romantic comedy Hollywood Assistant take you into the backside of Hollywood, on a peculiar, but humorous tale of fame, friendship and love.

Some comments about Hollywood Assistant

..Hola! Hola! Found the male Jackie Collins. With Jonas Eriksson’s Hollywood Assistant, you don’t need to be reading any crap about Hollywood that isn’t Hollywood. I was impressed. Highly. Language was fantastic. Humor was intact. Characters were breathtaking. And, Oh, Em, Geez- the facts. The facts were, uh, not fictional. – ChickLit Pad 

“This book really surprised me. I wasn’t sure what to expect exactly, but I found it nearly impossible to put down at night. I felt like I was right there in the moment with Darryl.” 

“It felt so real I wanted to meet these people and give them a hug!”

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You either love him or hate him. No matter if you think he’s an asshole or just a nice guy in a heap of trouble, Jack Reynolds will stir your feelings. Do like 40 000 readers and enjoy his story…

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On the surface he has it all: the women, the career, and the Central Park view penthouse, but behind his well-groomed and chiseled facade he has nothing. Alpha-male Jack Reynolds’ workaholic, womanizing and self-centered behavior is about to catch up with him both physically and mentally and after a series of grave romantic mistakes, he tries to escape it all by boarding a plane to Cancun, Mexico.

But Jack soon realizes he can’t really run away from anything… especially not himself.

Find out how Jack gets his life-changing wake-up call in this fast-paced, heartfelt and funny novel about soul-searching, friendship, and love.

Readers response to The Wake-Up Call…

“A contemporary Don Draper!”
“A riveting page-turner.”
“Brilliant fun for small money.”
“If you don’t smile to this book, you probably never smile anyway.”
“Like a male Bridget Jones in the voice of Marian Keyes.”
“Good style, great flow! Can’t remember that a book entertained me this much.”
Gritty, realistic and a damn good read!”
“The Wake-Up Call really has it all – you laugh, you’re moved and most of all you’re entertained.”

The Wake-Up Call reached the semi-finals in The Kindle Book Review’s Best Indie Books of 2012.

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Everyday Psychopaths5

A collection of short stories that will both frighten you and make you laugh out loud. Warning: reading these three stories can make you sound like a crazy person. Kind of like an Everyday Psychopath…

Download Everyday Psychopaths:

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In Everyday Psychopaths you find three stories, all three of them containing an everyday psychopath of some kind. The first one is close to a horror story with a dose of dark humor, the short second one is more literary but scary in its own right, and the third one is all dark comedy. Included in this collection is also two samples of my novels, The Wake-Up Call and Hollywood Assistant. I hope you like them enough to consider checking them out in full.

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