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In case you haven’t noticed my For Sale post, you might not know that we’re moving house. But we are, we’re going from a pretty large house to a small apartment. What that means? We have to de-hoard.

I wouldn’t say we’re “hoarders” the way some people collect shit like they were invaluable trophies of life, but we have stuff. Lots of stuff. And it’s pretty much all going out the window (mostly through the door though) one way or the other. We sell, we donate to charity, and we give to friends. It’s a cleansing process. The motto is: if you don’t use it, why keep it?

Stuff takes energy. It sits there and whispers somewhere in the back of your being. I’m not into feng shui (I know you shouldn’t place furniture in front of the door because you won’t get in), but I believe that you get stressed by having too many relatively pointless possessions. Things that don’t get used are probably unhappy. Better give them to someone who’ll use them. Happier people, happier things.

I had four guitars. I mostly played on one, but I had four. Now I have two and I soon hope to have one. It should be enough.

I have seven tennis racquets. I don’t need seven tennis racquets! I play with one and if the strings break, it’s good to have a spare or two. This means I need two (or maximum three) tennis racquets. That’s the goal.

And I shouldn’t get started on how many t-shirts and shirts I had that I never use. Why? People starve in the world and I, Mr. Middle-Class Man,  walk around with at least 30 unused pieces of clothing stored in my wardrobe. What a waste!

Do we collect stuff because we’re thinking we’ll use them someday or because we’re afraid we’ll be poor enough to have to use things we don’t like? Maybe somewhere in the back of our heads we hold onto things because they become like a safety net for us?

There’s obviously lots of psychological analysis around “real” hoarders, see this link for compulsive hoarding for example, and I assume many of you have seen the different reality shows around it. If you haven’t, this image explains it all:


This is not a reflection of our home, but it’s something that makes you think…think what the hell these people think?

Anyways, we hope to be more like this:


Okay, maybe not exactly like this, but you know what I mean. Less is more! Stop hoarding and get your zen on folks!

PS. Found this pic too, it’s pretty good. DS. /J.


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