Maybe Britain should have sent Adele instead?

We watched the Eurovision Song Contest yesterday (well, I had one eye on the amazing Murray vs Djokovic match of course) and it wasn’t as bad as I usually think it is. I guess the question on everybody’s minds right now is how to spell Azerbaijan and how this rather poor country should be able to afford hosting this massive earache event.

Anyway, while you google Azerbaijan I’ll let you listen to this fantastic song by British singer Adele. I don’t normally “do” ballads, that’s more Lenah‘s thing, but this is special. Just compare it to all the screaming ballads in the Eurovision Song Contest, and tell me if this isn’t better by miles.

By the way, Adele does a fantastic acoustic set in the Tiny Desk Concert series I wrote about in a previous post.

Today it’s Sunday. Tomorrow it’s Monday. So make the most of today and enjoy it with your loved ones. (And remember Mondays don’t always have to be so bad, if they are, maybe it’s time for some kind of change?)

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