Jonas vs Animals

Yes, that’s what it’s been like for the past couple of days. And it all started with the cockroach incident.

Let me explain.

When we went on our holiday to Sweden we left the third-floor bathroom window open (this may sound like we’re living in a mansion, but no, it’s a townhouse) for the house to get some air because there’s nothing worse than coming home to stuffy house (well, there are plenty of things, so let’s settle for it’s not nice).

The evening we came home we found a cockroach in that same bathroom, but when he saw us he ran under the tumble dryer and hid there. I took out the anti-bug spray, gave him a healthy or not so healthy dose of it, and thought I had killed the “sumbitch”. It was late and I was too tired to maneuver tumble dryers so I decided to leave the removal of Mr. Housepest to the next day.

This was not a wise decision as you shall soon find out.

The next morning I had a shower and as I reached out for my nice dark blue towel and wiped myself with it, out came the big-sized cockroach and after some brief physical contact (disgusting legs on my chest and stomach) he landed on the floor.

As the hardcore macho man I am, I think I jumped like three feet, screamed like a little girl and shouted for Lenah to come and save me from the ghastly creature. Then we sprayed it to death there on the bathroom floor, took it out on the roof and threw it on the neighbors car (by accident).

The horrible episode was over.  But of course the memory of the encounter lingers…

Jonas vs Animals 2 – The Sequel is now showing on Arcade street. It’s about how a rooster keeps a whole street awake by crowing every god damn night and early morning. I think the rooster will die in the end though.

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