It’s YOU

Yeah, don’t blame me, don’t blame the government, don’t blame your parents, don’t blame your religion, don’t blame bad luck, don’t blame anyone.

And don’t blame yourself either. Shit happens (if shit has happened) so let’s get over it before we start smelling from it.

Am I coming on too strong? Maybe.

But I think everybody needs a knock in the head occasionally or a cup of coffee put underneath the nose. “Smell it, it’s life, it’s truth and it’s calling you. Wake up godammit!”

It’s too easy to feel sorry for yourself. We’re all guilty of it, we blame the world for our troubles or think there’s some grand conspiracy out to get us or make our lives miserable.

Unless you’ve wronged a big and powerful mafia organization or are in some strange real life version of Prison Break, chances are there isn’t.

We all just need to get our hands dirty and fight. Take control of ourselves, our jobs, our relationships, our issues and deal with them.

Everyone can become a slightly better person every day. You only need to set one little improvement from one day to the next. Something like:

“Today I’m going to walk to work instead of driving (if you feel the need to lose weight).”

“Today I’m going to be more positive at work and smile (if you’re usually in a shitty/stressed mood).”

“Today I’m going to do something nice for my partner/spouse (if your relationship needs some work).”

It could be the smallest thing. And it’s NOT rocket science to improve in whatever you want to do.

Do you want to learn a language? Good for you! Buy a book, take an online course, book a trip. Do it TODAY. Don’t say, “when I get time”, or “my goal is to do it next year”, take 15-30 minutes or whatever you can lay your hands on and do it TODAY. That way you’ve already started something and can feel better about yourself.

The toughest part though is not starting something, it’s sticking with it. There are too many demons in our heads telling us to procrastinate, get lazy, postpone and give up and we can’t give in to them. Because then we never become the person we want to be, we never do the things we dreamt of doing, and we never get ANYWHERE and we will hate ourselves for it.

I’ve probably started hundreds of manuscripts/projects/business ideas that I never got around to actually DOING anything with. In some cases maybe it was for the best because the quality of the idea wasn’t there, but I know that in many of the cases I would’ve been better off sticking with it and finishing something. A business plan, a short story, a novel, a song, whatever it was that got my creative juices flowing at the time.

Instead I procrastined, postponed, lost interest and gave up.

BAD, BAD, me.

When I’ve finally finished a novel and self-published it, I changed. I realized it was possible to do whatever you want to do if you just discipline yourself to JUST DOING IT. Anything’s possible. For me and for you.

So let’s promise ourselves to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and do something about it today. I’m sure there’s SOMETHING you can do to get into a positive and productive mindset and kick-start your way into a happier, more fulfilling existence. Whatever it is, is up to you.

And that’s the beauty of it isn’t it?

It’s up to YOU.

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