Hollywood PA – First Draft Done

Phew! The second draft of Hollywood PA is finally done. The book was going super smooth at first, but then I hit a wall with my day job taking all my energy and I got a bit stuck and negative. But now it’s finally ready to be read by my first editor Lenah who actually hatched the idea to the whole thing! We’ll see how she likes it. Sometimes I get a bit trigger happy with the delete-button and remove too much, but it’s hard for me to tell without letting the manuscript sink in properly and the feedback from Lenah and my group of “draft readers”. Read about the book below…

About Hollywood PA

A famous Hollywood actress tries to escape the romantic comedy stereotype and finds herself reluctantly drawn into a real life story much like the films she used to star in…

Celebrity assistant Darryl Glendale tells you how it happened in Hollywood PA, a tale about love, fame and the contrast between celebrity life and the everyday guy. Well, about the everyday guy who happened to land a job in between the rich and famous.

Darryl has a job he loves and hates at the same time working for a person he both loves and hates at the same time. His employers captivating star glow is fading through excessive drinking and depression and he’s starting to think that it might be time for a change. But how can he trade an existence full of luxuries for a normal job? And can he really keep on working as an assistant for someone else? And what will happen to his dream of opening and successfully running a wine bar?

There might be plenty of easy answers in Hollywood, but not all of them are in the script…

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