Doggelgänger: Justin Bieber

Here I am, shamelessly trying to get more hits to my blog with another image of Justin Bieber. I’m sure Google will see through this one though.

But the point of this picture is not Justin Bieber or to get Bieber fans to my blog (I don’t think they would find much to like), it’s to give props to world- renowned advertising agency BBDO for coming up with the campaign Doggelgänger where you match your face with homeless dogs. Sounds strange? Below you’ll find BBDO’s explanation, quoted from their website.

I think this campaign is great because it’s fun, engaging and has a good cause.

“Meet your canine match.

In New Zealand, Pedigree wanted to create a way to find more homes for the thousands of abandoned dogs arriving at shelters every day.

How could we help Pedigree increase the number of emotional connections between a human and a dog—the types of connections that lead to a dog being adopted? Introduce technology.

Enter Doggleganger.

Studies had shown that the happiest owners and dogs shared uncannily similar features, personality traits and even body types. We decided to help Pedigree leverage high-tech facial recognition and matching technology to create a platform called Doggleganger. It was the first system of its kind: human/canine pairing software that allows users to upload their pictures and be connected with their “best friend” matches from the country’s largest database of dogs looking to be adopted.

The result was real dogs being connected with real people through the magic of software, allowing more dogs than ever to be adopted.”

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