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It’s a cliché, but most doctors handwriting is notoriously illegible. When you’re handed a note that contains such vital information as a medicine prescription for your aches and pains, you’d kind of hope it wasn’t open to interpretation.

Here’s an article from the Daily Mail saying it is not only a joke, but actually so bad it’s putting patients at risk .

But is it really so bad? Or is the time we’re at the doctor the only time we’re really faced with reading handwriting these digital days?

Either or, the most important handwritten document besides perhaps a letter from an ancestor declaring you the owner of a gazillion dollars, is a message containing a key to your health. So the question is why they don’t put more effort into more legible writing.

Why not set up a course for doctors suffering from the “loose wrist, not looking, but jotting anyway-syndrome”? Just to make sure your pharmacist doesn’t give you a jar of hormone pills instead of the antibiotics you were prescribed by your doc.

Or they could have a digital system where the prescription is sent digitally so it’s just to show or forward to your pharmacist. Possibly in the form of an sms or mms. There should be quite a few possible improvements here.

But for now, doctors, please just try to put 15 more seconds or so into making the note a little easier to interpret. We’re not supposed to be needing an enigma machine to get the right meds.

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