Did You Have Snickers In Your Sleep Again?

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I would add “unhappy” to the picture above and I’m sure the cat wouldn’t have the energy to disapprove.

You wake up with a slight headache. You stumble in to the bathroom and lean your hands on the sink and look into the mirror. The close-up of your face is not to your liking. There are deep lines there you haven’t seen before and unruly hairs are jutting out from your face. But you’re too lazy to plug in your electric razor. Instead you touch your doughy belly and wonder why there are remnants of peanuts and chocolate in your underpants. Have you had a Snickers in your sleep again?

I’m not sure if you’ve ever had an experience close to the above. I have. Sort of (without the Snickers in my underwear.) And that’s when I told myself I need to get myself into shape.

This was a few years ago. Since then I’ve worked out almost every, or at least every other, morning. ┬áIt’s not like clockwork, but almost. My body craves exercise, otherwise it will feel like a loaf of bread.

So I wake up at 6-ish and head to the gym or take a jog by the ocean. It sounds like it’s always easy. It isn’t. But without it, stress and self-doubt seems to build up like a mountain of pancakes.

Without exercise, sickness creeps inside your bones like snakes in the grass and you get colds, creaking joints, a flappy stomach and because of all this – a generally negative outlook on life.

It’s so simple really, no-one will ever feel worse through exercise, which means that a 100% would feel better. If ever so slightly, it’s worth it. Sweat. It. Out.

You don’t need to go to the gym of course, you can jog, walk, play sports, do yoga or whatever is easiest for you. You just need to force it into your schedule, at least 3-4 times a week. Don’t go two days without exercise, that’s my guideline. After three days you start losing your rhythm and then it’s easy to slip back into your unhappy self.

No fat cat is happy, so let’s get some positive routines going.

If you want to read more about why your appearance matters, you can read this post.

(Talking about positive routines, this goes for everything you do. Whether it’s writing, exercising, or just making sure you take out the trash.)

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