Death and Other Disasters


Lenah and I watched a movie called Love and Other Disasters yesterday. The movie features Brittany Murphy, a talented actress who died in 2009 from an overdose of prescription medications (she was 31). Afterwards we ended up talking about death and how tragic it is when a young life is taken. I came to think of some of my favorite musicians and how they died at a young age; singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley who died at 26, Jimi Hendrix who died at 28, and Elliott Smith who took his own life at 34.

These artists left a huge void and a big fan base behind and it leads you to thinking how amazing it is that one person can mean so much to so many. Just look at Steve Jobs and how the world reacted to his death. You wouldn’t think a billionaire entrepreneur could get that kind of a following but with Steve Jobs the impossible was always possible and it’s nice to see him get a proper goodbye.

I guess this is what we all hope for in our lives, to be able to make an impact, a difference and for people to remember us for what good things we did and what good people we were. This is really something worth fighting for.

Imagine if everyone set that as their life goal or vision? “To make a difference.” I think the world would be a much better place then.

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