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Got some poetry and 10% off at Bookdepository¬†in a nice effort of clever newsletter marketing. I really like how they focus on the offer and still keep a friendly, personal and original tone. This is a great weapon for getting the customer’s attention. Besides, 10% off is not bad!

Here are some other clever newsletter examples

The text of the Bookdepository newsletter in full:

A poem and a 10% off voucher
Where have you been? I’ve missed you so much that I wrote you a poem…

In former days with us you shopped,
but something happened and
we’ve been dropped.
What did we do, what did we say,
what was it made you go away!?

We’re oh so sad, but shall not rest
till you return to our bookish nest.
What can we do, what can we say,
to win you back and make you stay?

We’ve tons of tomes to feed your mind
For every passion a book you’ll find
To get you back, we thought: a gesture!
So how’s about a money-off voucher?

We know our poems are not so hot,
but rhymes and puns aren’t all we’ve got.
Our offer’s sincere, the discount true,
So, please come back — we so miss you!


Where have you been? What happened? Did I do something wrong?

I’ve missed you since you stopped shopping with us, and I don’t even know why you went. If it was something I did, I’m sorry. I hope the wounds have healed after all this time.

Actually, I’m so upset about not having heard from you that I’ve written you a poem. It’s not great but it does come straight from the heart!

So, if you use this voucher on your next purchase with us, we will give you 10% off! And, yes, that’s a 10% reduction on top of our existing great prices with free worldwide delivery…

10% off everything – terms and conditions and redemption details

Hope to see you soon,


P.S. If you did stop shopping with us because of something we did, please reply and let me know.

Offer ends 17th April 2013 at 12 noon BST.” (URGENCY – a great tool -JE)

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