Change Philosophy

Throughout my life I’ve always embraced change. At times it’s been a survival strategy, other times it’s just been a transport from boredom.

I simply think it’s dangerous to get too static, because life isn’t. Life moves, changes, transforms.

It would be stupid not to grow and change with it.

Now we’re (Lenah and I) getting kind of desperate for change. We’ve lived in the same house for more than three years, I’ve been at the same job for more than six years and nothing really major has happened for quite a while. It’s a little bit like being stuck in limbo.

Limbo sucks.

When I was a little boy I used to love getting letters in the post. Since I played chess competitively I always hoped there would be an invite to some international tournament. And it did in fact happen from time to time and got to travel quite a lot. More than most young boys.

Waiting to see what was at the letter box was exciting and now I’m getting into the mood again. The mood for adventure. The mood for change.

I’d like someone to send us a letter in the post with some good news. Something to mix things up. To change things around.

I think we’ve deserved it.

No, I know we have.

But of course, change doesn’t always happen just because you wait for it. You need to go out and grab it by the horns. Now that we haven’t tried, but we’re going to try and do that even more from now on.

Hey change! Come on! We’re ready for ya.

Do you embrace change or does it frighten you? Please comment! And thanks for reading.

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