Everybody needs an escape hatch. Somewhere to go to catch a break, relax, enjoy life. The need and the feeling of your own personal escape easily becomes a passion. The feeling it gives you time and time again is addictive. Everybody needs it, whether it is at the gym, or found when playing sports, listening to music, painting, or writing, it is the place where you really let off steam and let your feelings loose a little bit. It is necessary for existence.


Japanese wedding

Only I, that is how it feels, but in truth
it must happen to others too
get into these situations
get asked for directions
get asked to take photos
get asked to sponsor events
stumble into Japanese weddings
yes, it is true
I walked straight into a Japanese wedding
outside our hotel in Florence
sometimes I shut off my brain
and just walk, sleepwalking
figured I am on vacation
was just going to buy a bottle of water
and then
I am on a red carpet
surrounded by photographers
aiming their photographic lenses
not towards me, not intentionally
but at the couple walking out in front of me
wedding gown, groom
my brain turns on
and I realize that I am caught in the middle
of a Japanese wedding
and I need to move
and all eyes look at me
as I edge out of the way
of this Japanese wedding



Woman and child
stands in front of us
hands outreached
they are asking
and I am thinking
is it really her son?
People do worse things
you can get away with anything
these days
and I am cynical
and look away
yet I feel guilty
but the child look
not skinny
they are used to being ignored
because they soon move
to the next table



Amazing view this one grass, mountains backdrop and the leaning tower of course why is it leaning is it tired? is it leaning in to watch something closely? has it found that leaning will net more attention because then it is right the room people ask why waste money on the room “you’re never there” of course we’re there we sleep there, we start the day there we end the day there the full circle it can change the whole so I rather pay, not waste the kitchen is closed but they can make cold cuts how cold that sounds almost ruthless “cold cuts” but the cheese, oh, the cheese! and the red wine flows down easily the older woman playing the piano and singing at the top of her voice should better shut up I mean she can sing but it’s LOUD and I am too tired how did she get this job hotel entertainer she is probably the manager’s mom and it is her last grasp clinging, clinging to the thin, thin, straw of attention you can get when you are older it took 45 minutes to find it the hotel it is a bit outside the city where you always find these 5 star business hotels but the signs were missleading the streets were dark I had no GPS we were lost the pulse was up the heart was a beating a little bit faster than it should on a vacation “we must find it soon” then more signs still confusing but blindly, because it is all we have I am following them and finally when you just want to close your eyes and swear your heart out we see it and relief pours over us like a cold shower

Amazing view this one
grass, mountain backdrop
and the leaning tower
of course
why is it leaning
is it tired?
is it leaning in to hear something?
some old, lost secret
or just tourist steps on the pavement
maybe it has  found that leaning will net more attention
because then it is right


Infinity Blues – Blue Wars


the cars up on the lake
I’m only joking
there is no lake
only a street
and on this street
we live alone
I have a room
I keep a picture
by my bed
of the war
I need to talk and not with my mouth
I need to feel and not with my felt
I need some security
my youth is over
the ending is coming
all the stars are burning out
not growing
but idiots with guitars are strumming
I am one of them
out of tune since yesterday
as if it was the 1800s
as much as I would like to be in love
I am not
punk is dead
and my best friend says
“oh well, let’s fuck”
I just, you know, puke – throw up
what’s more important –
first kiss or last?
you have to know these things nowadays
it will not end well
and that is how we are taught
latch-key mall rat from the ’80s or not
I wrote a melody once
in an elevator at 6 a.m. for booze
and prospects
I got scars and civil war artifacts
and clues
bar napkins stuffed into my pockets
scratched into them like they were arms
and I was a cutter with terrible blues
from blue wars


The most beautiful thing

Sometimes the rush of inspiration grabs you. Lifts you off the ground like a hand of god and shakes you alive. Leaves your soul vibrating with it. Suddenly ideas and emotions are flowing in your head and heart and there is a constant whirr of  satisfaction in your body. You want to write, sing, dance and give your all to the world. A world that, despite everything, feels beautiful.



Age makes you smaller.
Makes you more afraid.
When it should make you thankful.

Age makes you slower.
Weaker in body and mind.
But never in your heart.

Age gives you perspective.
Clears thoughts, muddles some.
Makes you smarter and dumber.

Age is not a number.
And not a hurdle.
It means nothing and everything.