The 1000 Hour Rule – by James Altucher


Crazy or genius? Well, writer/thinker/speaker James Altucher has them both covered in an entertaining way. This is his take on Malcolm Gladwell’s famous 10 000 hour rule. I like it so I quote it in part below and link to his full post here.


Atmosphere – Camera Thief

I’ve always enjoyed listening to good lyricists no matter what genre. Atmosphere is one. Just check out a his latest tune Camera Thief from the record (people still record “records” you know) Southsiders. I realize I already wrote a post on Atmosphere’s great lyrics – it’s here and about the song called Yesterday.


Reading Jess Walter


I’ve landed into a period of heavy reading again and it feels like getting back to yourself after a period of confusion. I want to thank Jess Walter for bringing me back into the land of books through his novel Beautiful Ruins, but also through his other books The Financial Lives of Poets and the short-story We Live in Water (pictured above).


Beautiful Ruins


Stephen King wrote that you need to read a lot to get the right tools to write. He’s a hundred percent right. I’ve been working on my third novel for 8-9 months now and my productivity and focus is weak. I worry that I won’t finish it. Since I changed position at work, it’s been difficult to find pockets of time to really dive down into the story. Five minutes here and there won’t cut it.


Blue Jasmine


We just saw Blue Jasmine, Woody Allen‘s latest movie. It’s fantastic. Just wanted to tell you that.

However, I should make it clear I like most Allen movies, especially the later ones. He tells stories the way not enough people do, without special effects, without exaggerations and without gloom.


Why Fighting Guilt Is Good Business


Today I read an interesting article about GFC – Guilt Free Consumption which talks about why “guilt-free is the new luxury for consumers and the Holy Grail for businesses”. It’s a positive sign in the world I think, we are more aware about our impact and more connected to the state of things around us.


Pessimistic Perfectionist Turned Entrepreneur

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADaniel Jacobsson is one of the two founders of Bannerflow, an online banner production tool used mainly in the affiliate and bought media market. He comes from a background of design and web development and has the rare knack of being able to do both. What once started as an idea to remove a production bottleneck has now in a short span of time become a company of 14 employees with offices in Stockholm and New York.


We Live in Boxes – Let’s Look Outside


I hate using cliches, but the headline was too apt not to use it. Also it makes me think of the theme song to the hit TV-series Weeds. The song, written by Malvina Reynolds, is a political satire about the development of suburbia in the sixties and the “ticky-tacky” material used to build them.


Manager, Leader, or Coach?

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 16.45.50

Are you a Manager, Leader or Coach?

Or all three? Then you’re most likely a good one.

Too many managers are just being a manager. They organise and tell people what to do. They manage and set expectations and goals, but rarely inspire and coach their team members into exceeding them.