Ryan Air Puns the Election

This is a nice example of using big time news stories in your marketing from Ryan Air. I really like the subject line: “Even Hillary wouldn’t delete this e-mail…” and how it’s followed up by flight prices that nobody can “Trump”. The copywriter must have had some fun working on this campaign.

Daring to be different can sometimes do the trick and since Ryan Air isn’t seen as the most reputable or serious brand, they can easily be more playful in their communication. Let’s see if they will try this kind of communication more often from now. I think it would suit them.


Proud of Äkta Hjältar

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 10.21.08 AM

I’m not working with Betsson anymore, but I’m very proud of our project “Äkta Hjältar” (Real Heroes) which is all about celebrating the true sports heroes in our society. The episodes are in Swedish for now. First sports star: Sanna Kallur. Big kudos to Stefan Bladh who has done a massive job on this project. http://www.aktahjaltar.se