What is Amazon Echo Show?

Amazon has released their new Alexa speaker with a seven-inch touch screen. It’s called Echo Show and can do a lot of cool things that the previous Echo couldn’t.

Here are a few of the things that Echo Show can do:

* The possibility to start unannounced video calls (unless you reject them within a 10-second timeframe). Yes, this is potentially unsettling and nuts.

* Stream music from a connected device, for example Amazon Music. (Amazon claims it works better with their own services – BIG SURPRISE.)

* Watch YouTube and Amazon Video.

* Connect to security cameras with commands such as: “Alexa, show me the front door”. (We’re still a little time away from “Alexa, shut the front door.”)

I haven’t tried the Echo Show myself, but it certainly sounds like a Blade Runner-ish futuristic product that will have a wide appeal. The design however could have been more “modern”, because to me the Amazon Echo Show looks a little bit like a miniature slanting 80s fat-screen TV.

What do you think about the Amazon Echo Show and its design and features?