Americana by Don Delillo


I just finished Americana by Don Delillo on my Kindle. The book is about 28-year-old television executive David Bell and his search for some kind of truth that takes him on a strange trip through America.

The book starts well mostly taking place at Bell’s workplace and there is a lot of quite funny office humor. The whole part 1 of the books is actually very good, with a sarcastic tone that entertains and gets you closer to the narrator. But from part 2 the book tries to hard. There is a big chunk about David’s childhood that is too long and when he goes out to shoot a movie somewhere in the American nowhere-land the book loses direction and falls quite flat.


The Michael Jackson Experience


I bought the Michael Jackson Experience for Wii as a gift for Aiden, but the experience is so addictive I think it almost became a gift to myself too. The only problem is that it only detects the movement from the hand with the remote, but it still fantastic fun just to dance around to the songs and try to get enough points to unlock new dance choreography video, which is the end target of the game.


Blood Meridian


I finished Cormac McCarthy’s famous western novel “Blood Meridian” about a week ago, mostly reading it on my Amazon Kindle but also on my Kindle iPhone app at the gym. The book is like a punch to the face. Not in a bad way, not at all, but just slightly overwhelming with the strong language, the harsh scenery, the characters, the graphic (literary) violence.


Mac vs PC and my iPhone


Brief iPhone 4 review. It is great for apps, twitter, e-mail, games, photos, filming, browsing, and listening to music.

It is not so great for: calling and texting. The problem with that is of course that it’s failing the most standard requirements of any phone. The problem is service. Or should I say lack of service/no service. Then you need to restart the thing. Pretty annoying huh?


Amos Lee – Mission Bell


I first listened to Amos Lee in 2005 when he released his self-titled debut album and was impressed by the voice although the quality of the album was a bit uneven. His mix of jazz, soul, folk and blues interested me though and when I saw songwriter George Azzi tweeting about his Lee’s new album “Mission Bell” I had to check it out.