Reading Jess Walter


I’ve landed into a period of heavy reading again and it feels like getting back to yourself after a period of confusion. I want to thank Jess Walter for bringing me back into the land of books through his novel Beautiful Ruins, but also through his other books The Financial Lives of Poets and the short-story We Live in Water (pictured above).


The Liberty Tree – a Review

The Liberty Tree
Drunk to Sober, via Love, Death, Disintegration & Freedom
Suzanne Harrington

Check out Liberty Tree at The Book Depository.

This book took some guts to write.

17674750-205x300Because it can’t be easy writing a book directed to your kids about the sometimes very dark days in your life and how their (then ex-husband to the author) father, Leo, commited suicide. The Liberty Tree is in part an ode to Leo and in part a very revealing and emotionally heavy autobiography.


Reading right now: Wool and The Liberty Tree

However crazy it may sound, I’m usually reading two books at the same time; one e-book on my iPhone in the gym and one at home in print.

My gym book at the moment is Wool by Hugh Howey, a book with a crazy amount of five-star reviews on Amazon and already hailed as a sci-fi classic. I’m not a huge fan of sci-fi, but the reviews and the storyline intrigued me so I couldn’t really pass it up. Check it out for yourself, I’m about 20% in and it’s a really great story.


Book review: Spirit House by Mark Dapin

I just finished Spirit House by Mark Dapin today and I must say it’s one of those books that make you want to stop writing altogether. The reason being it’s so well-written that, as a fellow author, it’s easy to lose your motivation. You think, how will I ever be able to write something that good?


Looking for book reviewers

(Yes, it’s an adorable kitten reading a book. All to get your attention.)

How do you market a book without reviews or testimonials? The answer is you don’t. Book reviews sell books, there’s no question about it. And for indie authors reviews are an even more important tool, because some e-book marketing sites won’t even accept an ad if the book has less than 4.0 stars out of 5 in average (I find this rule very strange), so without reviews or with a poor review average you will have little chance to get your writing out to a wider audience.


Recently consumed culture

Lately we’ve been watching loads of documentaries and I’ve also managed to finish a string of books. Here’s a list and a few words about them:

Broken Paradise by Cecilia Samartin

A fantastic book. Really deserving of the 5 star rating it has on Samartin writes in a way that make you feel stupid for ever attempting to write something yourself. It’s beautiful and passionate writing about a topic she obviously feels very strongly about. The book description.


Spirit House by Mark Dapin

My friends at The Book Depository sent me Spirit House by Mark Dapin today. I’m really looking forward to reading it.

Spirit House is about a POW (prisoner of war) on the Thai-Burma railway who drinks too much trying to escape the horrors of his past. But when his thirteen-year-old grandson comes to visit him, the stories of what happened in the days of the war comes back to him. The story is about “the bonds of a life-long friendship and the bonds of grief, and of a young boy making sense of his future while old men try to live with their past.”


Stephen King: 11/22/63

I read loads and loads of King books when I was a young kid and I can actually credit him for helping me develop my interest in writing (how I ended up writing about human relationships and not thrillers/horror/paranormal is another story), so it was nice to reconnect with him for his latest work (since he’s so prolific, by the time you read this, it might not be his latest work).


Some Kind of Cure – David Berkeley

I rarely get into an album the way I have with David Berkeley‘s Some Kind of Cure and a week ago I didn’t even know the guy existed.

But thanks to Harlan Cobens Twitter I was informed about a song called Shelter (a soundtrack to a book, pretty original) which I really liked that led me to David’s homepage where you can listen to his songs.