Thanks to the Internet you stumble around a lot of funny people and artists. The latest find I did (I guess people in Sweden already know about these guys) is the band Movits! a great combination of swing jazz, pop, and hip-hop. They became semi-famous in the US after they were invited to the Colbert Report, a famous American comedy show, which means the music transcends language barriers as well.


John Mayer, Slow dancing in a burning room


I will keep on with this soundtrack of the day, week, whatever. The soundtrack of my life or something, because If you have music you love, why not share it? If you who read have anything to share, please write a comment. Much appreciated!

I had a pretty long John Mayer period some time ago, when I listened to a lot of his stuff. He is an incredibly talented musician, but many don’t take him seriously because he is such a public person as well. If you are dating Jennifer Aniston (twice) then I guess you would be pretty much in the gossip mag spotlight. I also have a feeling he likes it.


Senorita with a necklace of tears

One of my favorite song titles. The song is on the underrated album “You’re the one” by Paul Simon, one of the lyrical greats in music history. I couldn’t find the song online, so I guess you would have to buy it. Instead I give you one of the best music videos of all time. American actor Chevy Chase is hilarious mimicking Paul in “You can call me Al


Pretty Wings by Maxwell

It is Saturday night. You are in a romantic mood. You are drinking a glass of red, you are thinking of your loved one. It is a strong moment, you feel passionate, you are thinking that life can be pretty darn good (it can!).

You want the soundtrack of how you feel? Here it is. In the shape of the  fantastic soul artist Maxwell and his song Pretty Wings. The song has a sad lyrics in a way, but the song is still so wonderfully positive and graceful. It is like a subtle tribute to life and love. Check it out and let your feelings loose. Be passionate. It’s Saturday.


Shiloh town, Mark Lanegan

Song of the day is Shiloh town (listen to it here), a brilliant Tim Hardin cover by Mark Lanegan from the album “I’ll take care of you”. Lanegan used to play in grunge band Screaming Trees and was also a permanent member of Queens of the Stone Age. Tim Hardin was a folk musician and composer who died in 1980 of heroine overdose. Shiloh Town is a Vietnam war inspired song with the nice subtle line “War is done, they’ve come back home, But they’re the ones that lost.”


There is a light that never goes out


When you are a misunderstood teenager (that is how you feel, people actually understand what you are going through, but that doesn’t mean they will agree with you) you sometimes need comfort in music. I don’t really know what kids like to listen to today when they feel left out of the world, but when I was younger it was the Smiths, a fantastic British pop band with lead singer Morrissey who wrote these thought-provking, emotional lyrics that went like an arrow straight into the hearts of misunderstood teenagers around the world. I wanted some background music to my morning e-mails and iTunes then dished out a song called “There is a light that never goes out”. This is a very beautiful song and has probably lifted thousands of broken hearts around the World. Listen to it here.


South of the south


There are songs that manages to capture a feeling perfectly. That brings you back to that special moment/feeling every time you hear it. For me there is not many songs more wonderfully written than South of the South (listen to it here) by David Dondero. The video is also amazing and captures the true Southern feeling of the song, but the lyrics are so good you don’t really need the pictures to go South of the south.