Atmosphere – Camera Thief

I’ve always enjoyed listening to good lyricists no matter what genre. Atmosphere is one. Just check out a his latest tune Camera Thief from the record (people still record “records” you know) Southsiders. I realize I already wrote a post on Atmosphere’s great lyrics – it’s here and about the song called Yesterday.


Christian rock rocks sometimes

If you’re not a devoted believer or (a person named Christian or Chris Rock – bad joke), you don’t exactly get excited by the phrase “christian rock”. That’s how my prejudiced brain works. But thanks my Spotify subscription I “discover” lots of new music without preconceptions. And lots of it is very, very good.


How to React to Tough Feedback According to John Mayer


You have to be able not to get your way. Cry a little bit. Take a bump.  And let it send you back to the lab. Even if you have to say “I’ll show him!” It’s all gonna be better for it – John Mayer.

I watched an inspiring video today with one of my musical heroes, John Mayer. He’s doing a Q&A at Oxford and there are some insightful bits in the 50-minute long interview. You can watch it here. If you’re pressed for time, this outtake about his friendship with Steve Jobs really resonated with me.


Listening to right now: The Lumineers


Thanks to Conan O’Brien’s talk show I found about a band called The Lumineers and a song called Ho Hey and then another song called Stubborn Love. It caught my attention and after listening to a couple more songs, I’m really hooked. (My personal favorite song is Submarines)


Elliott Smith, a sad genius

Grammy award winning musician Elliott Smith stabbed himself to death in 2003 and left a huge void of unwritten magical music. He was a victim of child abuse and talked about setting up a foundation for kids who’d suffered from the same horrible thing before he died. Smith never escaped his self-loathing and it was evident in many of his songs. Despite the sad theme, he often managed to craft the most beautiful melodies and was also a very talented lyricist.