Comino tennis weekend

Lots of things going on right now. Lenah’s father just had a golfing gang over who left yesterday, my parents and uncle are here now, we have been going to loads of dinners and events, Lenah is busy with new work stuff and her blog and besides loads of projects at work, I’m trying to write a collection of short stories (initially called Six Strings). Tomorrow there’s a wine tasting and on Saturday we’re taking the boat to Comino for a tennis weekend.


Selling some stuff – tennis racquets and guitars

We’re unloading lots of stuff at home so I’m putting many things out for sale. Send me an e-mail if you’re interested.

2013-02-09 08.56.02

Wilson Ncode Team. Great tennis racquet for intermediate players.

2013-02-09 08.54.34

Head Microgel Prestige Pro. Great tennis racquet for advanced players.


It’s time – Mad Men time

We’ve been waiting for a while but now it’s finally time. Mad Men time.

I think most women would agree that Don Draper usually looks better than in the picture, but it was too funny not to post.

Make sure you don’t miss the best show on TV right now (and yes, I know there are a lot of great series out there, but this is our personal favourite).


Writing is a magical gift


I wrote a guest blog on Curriculum Creativity, a site devoted to the noble goal of improving outcomes and experiences for children. It’s about creative writing and the beauty of storytelling. Below you’ll find the full post.

Writing is magical and we all love magic, don’t we? The famous author Stephen King said that writing to him is a kind of telepathy, because using only a piece of paper, written ages ago, you communicate with another person, sending them images, emotions, whatever you want to transmit. If you want to call it magic or telepathy is up to you, but it’s definitely something special. I like to call it a gift.


The Empty Inbox Strategy – Increase Your Productivity

full mail inbox

I’m an ardent follower of The Empty Inbox Strategy. In a high-paced environment such as e-business (or pretty much any other business these days), where the shop is always open and you’re often involved in many different projects at the same time, I find this very important to find quality time to actually work.


The Importance of the Action Point


I’ve just finished reading “Making Your Ideas Happen” by Scott Belsky and I really recommend it. It deals with efficiency in the creative process, an interesting topic that most creatives struggle with.

One great take-out from the book, is to always create action points. It’s a technique you can use in various ways, but the easy way to describe is that your work should revolve and evolve around action points, meaning that throughout the day and in your meetings you need to capture stuff you can do and describe them with a verb.


Why You Shouldn’t Play Golf.

There are obviously many reasons why you shouldn’t play golf. Here are a couple relevant ones for me:

1. It takes ages.
2. It’s ridiculously frustrating.
3. Other sports provide better exercise.

Now you, as the crazy golf enthusiast you are, think I’m stupid because I don’t understand the beauty of the game. But you’re wrong, because I do. Golf can be very relaxing, rewarding, exciting and challenging (in a good way). It’s a great setting to talk about business deals or life in general and it’s a wonderful feeling to have a beer on the “19th hole” after you’ve lugged yourself and your clubs around for 5 hours.


Life: Treat it with care.

My day started with stumbling upon this brilliant post on a life in advertising by the former Saatchi & Saatchi and BBDO art director Linds Redding, an article where he sounded disillusioned by all the energy he had wasted on the advertising life and put it into words that packed enough punch to spin you around on your office chair and see things from another angle. A new perspective.