New adventures


After more than eight years with Betsson Group, it’s time for new adventures. And I don’t like to waste time so today I did my first day as the CMO for a startup in the financial trading business. It didn’t feel weird at all.

The journey at Betsson Group was a crazy one. I was employee nr 80. When I left we were 1800 and there are no signs of slowing growth.

What I take with me after eight frantic years? Obviously a LOT. Many stories, learnings, accomplishments and failures. When you’re with a company during a high-paced growth spurt it’s sort of like a child growing up, with all its personality changes, mood swings, and good and bad moments. In short: it’s business on speed.

But despite giving and receiving a lot, I still feel like I have more energy than ever. Maybe it’s just more focused and efficient. Maybe it’s the excitement of a new challenge. No matter what, I think there comes a point when we all need to step outside the comfort zone, leave the box, fly the nest, whatever cliché you deem fitting. It’s a recurring key step in our personal growth.

I’m proud of what I’ve managed to accomplish during my eight years, but I’m even more happy about the things I’ve learned. And I sincerely hope I can use them in my new job and keep learning with it.

I will be writing about my new journey here and also sharing it in my other outlets. I’ll list them all here below.

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to make the move. It might be scary at first, but it can turn out to be the best thing you ever did. And if not, I’m sure you’ll learn enough to make the next thing you do, your best damn decision ever.

Enjoy the ride. (And make it yours.)

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Biomechanical analysis


I’ve had some issues with my right knee lately which has prohibited me from running, playing tennis and putting any unnecessary strain on it. My physio recommended me to do a biomechanical analysis at YUE Malta and today I got the results.

What the biomechanical analysis meant was me running and walking, barefoot and with shoes, on a treadmill with cameras tracking my movement. The technology is called OptoGait and there’s probably much more to it than I just described. Just click the link and you’ll find out.

What I found out is that I tend to position my feet differently depending on if I run or walk and the way I do it can create unnecessary impact on the knee and also put strain on my lower back – another problem area of mine.

The next step for me to counter these re-emerging knee problems is a set of exercises that my physical therapist gave me and also buy training shoes with a firmer heal. I currently use Nike Free, which are lovely to walk in, but not really ideal for me.

So I’m happy with the insights, now it’s just about adhering to the training routine. Which is not that easy, but hey, if you want results…no pain, no gain…and all that stuff.

Happy Christmas! Don’t Forget to Read and Write


One week vacation means mainly: family time. But also reading and writing time. I’ve almost forgotten what novel nr 3 is about and where I was going with it and I’m reading at least four books at the same time. Not good. Need to get my head together.

But first and foremost: Christmas!

Have a nice Holiday season everyone and remember to be good to each other!

Change Philosophy

Throughout my life I’ve always embraced change. At times it’s been a survival strategy, other times it’s just been a transport from boredom.

I simply think it’s dangerous to get too static, because life isn’t. Life moves, changes, transforms.

It would be stupid not to grow and change with it.

Now we’re (Lenah and I) getting kind of desperate for change. We’ve lived in the same house for more than three years, I’ve been at the same job for more than six years and nothing really major has happened for quite a while. It’s a little bit like being stuck in limbo.

Limbo sucks.

When I was a little boy I used to love getting letters in the post. Since I played chess competitively I always hoped there would be an invite to some international tournament. And it did in fact happen from time to time and got to travel quite a lot. More than most young boys.

Waiting to see what was at the letter box was exciting and now I’m getting into the mood again. The mood for adventure. The mood for change.

I’d like someone to send us a letter in the post with some good news. Something to mix things up. To change things around.

I think we’ve deserved it.

No, I know we have.

But of course, change doesn’t always happen just because you wait for it. You need to go out and grab it by the horns. Now that we haven’t tried, but we’re going to try and do that even more from now on.

Hey change! Come on! We’re ready for ya.

Do you embrace change or does it frighten you? Please comment! And thanks for reading.

Comino tennis weekend

Lots of things going on right now. Lenah’s father just had a golfing gang over who left yesterday, my parents and uncle are here now, we have been going to loads of dinners and events, Lenah is busy with new work stuff and her blog and besides loads of projects at work, I’m trying to write a collection of short stories (initially called Six Strings). Tomorrow there’s a wine tasting and on Saturday we’re taking the boat to Comino for a tennis weekend.

Aiden is playing one tournament and I’m playing the other. It’s mostly a kids focused trip but will be fun. I borrowed the pics below from the sister Island of Comino from Lenah’s blog.

Selling some stuff – tennis racquets and guitars

We’re unloading lots of stuff at home so I’m putting many things out for sale. Send me an e-mail if you’re interested.

2013-02-09 08.56.02

Wilson Ncode Team. Great tennis racquet for intermediate players.

2013-02-09 08.54.34

Head Microgel Prestige Pro. Great tennis racquet for advanced players.

2013-02-09 08.52.33

Behringer V-Tone 15 Watt electric guitar amp. Good for practice.

2013-02-09 08.43.19

Guitar bag from Proel.

2013-02-09 08.39.58

Guitar flight case. Really sturdy and great for traveling with your precious guitar.

photo (5)


Simon and Patrick SP6 Cedar. Canadian handmade.

2013-02-09 08.21.28

Behringer V-tone electric guitar. Great for beginners.

2013-02-09 08.21.22

Classical guitar. Easy to play, great for beginners. Built in mic.

2013-02-11 08.07.57

Christian Audigier hoodie bought in New York for 200 dollars and not worn once (not really my style). 40 euro and it’s yours.