Clever newsletter marketing from BookDepository

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Got some poetry and 10% off at Bookdepository in a nice effort of clever newsletter marketing. I really like how they focus on the offer and still keep a friendly, personal and original tone. This is a great weapon for getting the customer’s attention. Besides, 10% off is not bad!


The power of free – tips on Amazon Kindle Select

Trying to “make it” as an indie author as taught me a lot about the power of the word FREE. The reason is that with Amazon Kindle Select you can run promotions where any of your self-published books are free for a set number of days. The idea is for the book to climb the many top lists on Amazon so that it gets maximum exposure. The “only” thing Amazon asks of you is that your book is exclusively published with Amazon for a three-month period.


Creative iPad ad

Clever ad by Y&R in Rome that makes me think of Aiden’s (8) frequent tinkering with our iPad. There are enough fingerprints there to start an FBI investigation. Or something.

Copy: “Follow us on your iPad.”

Creative credits:
Advertising Agency: Y&R, Rome, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Vicky Gitto
Chief Creative Director: Alessandro Canale
Art Director: Jessica Nardone
Copywriter: Gabriele Di Donato
Account Director: Pierluigi Scozzi
Client Creative Director: Mariano Lombardi


The latest ads – good, bad and ugly

Working in advertising makes you look at ads in a different way. While some people might just turn the page, I like to study execution and idea. Here are a few of the latest print ads that caught my eye.

First one is a nice play on the famous phrase “Home, sweet home.” in the ad becoming, home sweet home. It’s a fun play on words, but it’s hard to say whether the ad will be successful just because of that. Still, Thumbs up.


Starbucks Verisimo, great coffee or brand ploy?

As a coffee lover in Starbucks-deprived country (Malta) it’s hard not to salivate when you see the Starbucks Verisimo, a pod-style coffee maker that will bring you the taste of Starbucks every morning. It’s quite an obvious yet interesting move from the U.S. coffee giant. With loads of brands trying their own pod-style devices, such as Nestlé with their high-end Nespresso, their medium-range Dolce Gusto, or Bosch with their Tassimo, etc. etc., it seemed only logical for Starbucks to be next in line.


Unimpressive Snickers Print Ad

I know what they’re trying to do here, “Don’t get low on sugar, have a snack, be happy.”, but I just don’t like execution here. It feels dull and uninspired. Copy and concept is good though: “You’re not you when you’re hungry”. I sure know how that feels!


Crystal Clear Cillit Bang Print Ad

This is a good advertising! One, clear, simple and great idea and excellent execution. Nothing to add, like the ad.


Advertising agency: Euro RSCG, Israel
Chief Creative Officer: Ben Sever
Executive creative director: Ben Sever
Art Director: Ale Feldman
Copywriter: Oded Nadir
Agency Producer: Dana Caro
Head of Account management: Maya Cohen
Account Executive: Yael Eichenwald
Planner Director: Uri Oren
Planner: Pnina Wiessman


Ads: A Brand New Movie Theater

It’s hard to dislike this simple idea. After all, people like kids and movies, so dressing up a kid as famous movie characters can’t fail right?

If you’re curious about why the copy reads: A brand new movie theater, now on the 3rd floor, it’s because Praia de Belas is a big shopping mall in Porto Alegre, Brazil.


Smudgy Nu-Way Weiners Ads


I understand the idea behind these, it’s the heritage of a brand taken through history and into the future; meaning that people enjoy chili now the way they always have…

…but I still can’t get rid of the feeling that it looks like they’re eating shit.