Funny and relevant communication by Revolut

Revolut has become a shining star on the Fintech scene. The innovative and customer-friendly product speaks to a wide audience and their customer base is growing massively every month. Their communication is also spot on as highlighted by this newsletter related to Brexit. Hey Revolut, give your copywriter a raise.


Louis CK’s newsletters


If you like comedian Louis CK you really should subscribe to his newsletters. They’re not only funny to read, but they actually have some great learnings for marketeers.

  1. Be personal.
  2. Let your personality shine through.
  3. Transparency is your best friend.
  4. Humor can soften the most aggressive sales pitch.

Just read these two newsletters around his new series “Horace and Pete“.


More than one purpose


Really love this thinking from James Altucher. Another inspirational writer, Jeff Goins, calls it the “portfolio lifestyle”. What they mean is: don’t stress. You don’t need to settle for just one career. Keep growing and stay creative and things will happen.


Is content creation a waste of time?

There are only 24 hours in a day. The amount of time we can spend consuming content is obviously limited. Still, more and more people and companies produce more and more content because we believe this is the most efficient way to reach people.

It can look a bit like this:


Are you content with your content?


If you’re working in some form of marketing or management role you’ve probably heard the word “content” so many times your ears bleed and you go to bed crying with visions of click baiting videos of cute puppies or a person doing something strange to get the goldfish attention of the ever more demanding internet audience.


The new marketeer

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 8.04.33 AM

There’s a lot of talk of what’s required of marketeers these days. Since we’re increasingly diving into a more technical world where coders are king and a successful startups are the new rockstars – marketeers need to add a slightly different set of tools than before.


Companies Without Managers – Holocracy or Holocrazy?

photo-4Could you trash the standard company hierarchy and build a company without managers? That is the question put forth by Zappos, Medium and a few other companies when introducing a structure called Holocracy. Is it exciting or crazy?

I think it’s exciting (but slightly crazy), please comment what you think! Check out these articles:


Started as a One-Man Band…

One of my closest friends is running Bannerflow, a revolutionary web editor for creating online banner ads. The company has been doing huge strides of late, building a new product, expanding their pool of corporate customers, and now also signing an interesting chairman of the board in mobile operator 3’s CEO Nicholas Högberg. Here is the press release for this signing:


Experience First – Lessons From SOL Republic


Design products with passion and put the experience first and you shall succeed.

Is it that easy? Well, of course not. But if you start there it seems like you improve your chances drastically.

This constant talk about user experience is not just business blabla or a trend – it’s sense. I was sent an interesting video today talking about passion and experience from a product point of view. It’s Brian Solis interviewing SOL Republic‘s co-founder Seth Combs. Watch it below: