Injuries, resolve and Del Potro

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I rarely blog these days. Maybe I don’t have the time, maybe it’s just low on my priority list, maybe I don’t have enough ideas for posting with frequency. But I tweet occasionally and today I got another update in my Hootsuite feed from tennis player Juan Del Potro.


Dave Chappelle is Back

I think “What would it take for you to leave $50 mil?” would be a better headline, but…

Through my far too long and unmanaged Twitter feed, I discovered through New York Times that comedian Dave Chappelle is touring again.

Chappelle famously went into hiding after two seasons of his very popular Chappelle Show in 2005, despite being offered ginormous amounts of money (reportedly €50 million) to continue by HBO.


Sports as Inspiration for Attitude

Rafael Nadal has tons of the right attitude to succeed.

I’ve been playing sports and competing in one form or other since I was a little boy. It’s tougher now to stay fit and keep a consistent training schedule with a full-time job and family. But I can take some of the things I’ve learned from sport into my daily life and career.


How to React to Tough Feedback According to John Mayer


You have to be able not to get your way. Cry a little bit. Take a bump.  And let it send you back to the lab. Even if you have to say “I’ll show him!” It’s all gonna be better for it – John Mayer.

I watched an inspiring video today with one of my musical heroes, John Mayer. He’s doing a Q&A at Oxford and there are some insightful bits in the 50-minute long interview. You can watch it here. If you’re pressed for time, this outtake about his friendship with Steve Jobs really resonated with me.


Change Philosophy

Throughout my life I’ve always embraced change. At times it’s been a survival strategy, other times it’s just been a transport from boredom.

I simply think it’s dangerous to get too static, because life isn’t. Life moves, changes, transforms.


The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch

I borrowed a book from my friend Marcus called The Last Lecture. It’s a book written by the then-dying and now dead professor Randy Pausch and it is a very inspiring read. It is basically an auto-biographical book that describes his life and the work leading up to the last lecture he was asked to do at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh).