Funniest man alive – Louis C.K has a new special

If you haven’t watched Louis C.K’s latest special, do it right now. It’s the funniest thing since his last special, which was the funniest thing since the one before that. Yeah, I’m a fan.

The thing with Louis C.K is that he’s not just telling jokes. He’s making you think. Among the funny punch lines and great accents are actually some very clever thoughts and points. He treats comedy like a craft and you can tell.


Just some stuff you should see


Here are a few things I watched recently that I really recommend. I’m going to describe them in one sentence so you have more time to watch them instead of reading my incoherent blog posts.

Louis C.K – Oh My God. The best stand-up comedian of all time (highly personal point-of-view) in top LOL form.


Dave Chappelle is Back

I think “What would it take for you to leave $50 mil?” would be a better headline, but…

Through my far too long and unmanaged Twitter feed, I discovered through New York Times that comedian Dave Chappelle is touring again.

Chappelle famously went into hiding after two seasons of his very popular Chappelle Show in 2005, despite being offered ginormous amounts of money (reportedly €50 million) to continue by HBO.