The Wolf of Wall Street

Really looking forward to this movie. The book was very entertaining and when Martin Scorsese directs and Leonardo di Caprio acts – we usually end up with something great.

Read more about the crazy story of Jordan Belfort’s “Pump and Dump” efforts here


Hollywood Ass – a box of print books arrived

The day started with Aiden and I picking up a box of fresh “Hollywood Ass.” from the US and A. They look great, all thanks to my brilliant cover designer Etienne Bugeja. They’re available on Amazon US or Amazon UK etc. Read more about how to get your hands on one through the dedicated Hollywood Ass page. And if you’re interested in reviewing it for Amazon and your personal blog or website, send me your details and I might send you a print or e-book straight away. Any help getting the message out about the book is GREATLY appreciated.


I Know You Want a Piece of Ass.


I know, I know. It’s an absolutely ridiculous headline showcasing my very bad taste.

But it does look good though, doesn’t it? And by that I don’t mean any old ass, I mean the print edition of Hollywood Ass. as displayed in the picture above. The cover is designed by the excellent designer Etienne Bugeja who also designed The Wake-Up Call.



A romantic and humorous story about Hollywood, fame, friendship and love.

If you like the drama celebrity lives provide, you should check out Hollywood Ass. a romantic comedy with loveable characters and lots of laughs.

A Hollywood superstar suffers a mental collapse, her marriage is on the ropes, her career is at a standstill and the only one keeping it all together is her loyal assistant and friend, Darryl. Problem is, he’s kind of in love with her. Soon he finds himself drawn into a story that is much like the movies his employer stars in. But in real life the answers aren’t in the script…


Writing is Painful – Writing a Book is Hell


It’s been a pain, I tell you, writing my second novel. I’m working on rewrite number three and I’m far from sure it will be good enough. Maybe the whole idea is flawed? Maybe I should just burn the whole thing?

But then again, I don’t want to set my Macbook on fire.


The Wake-Up Call is FREE and HOT :)

Today is the second day of The Wake-Up Call being free and after one day I’ve already had 13000+ downloads, which I’m very happy with. Just hope the readers like the story as well. I woke up to the nice news of being #1 in Contemporary Fiction and #6 in Kindle Books. Thanks everyone for helping me boost the book. Sorry about any spam or unintended bragging, but an independent author needs every little help he/she can get 🙂


Mad Men and Hollywood Marriage

Thanks to Twitter I stumbled upon this article which states that Elisabeth Moss, who plays Peggy Olsen in our favorite TV series Mad Men, has recently made her public debut with her new boyfriend, a guy with the cool name of Adam Arkapaw (kapow!).

I don’t really care one bit about Elisabeth Moss, except for her doing a brilliant job in the series, but I like her quote about her ex-husband, SNL-comedian Fred Armisen, who she was married to for eight months:


Ayurveda and Chris Brown

Lenah and I started the morning with espressos and a chat about the different mental types of Ayurveda, the Rajas, Sattva and the Tamas of the world. This might have sounded a little pretentious, but at least we weren’t sitting on pillows and drinking handpicked white tea with jasmine incense lingering softly in the background. And I’ll be even more honest and say I didn’t know one thing about Ayurveda teachings until Lenah started talking about it but I must say it sounds very interesting.


The Kardashians and a Chanel Tennis Racket


Lenah and I watched a new episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians yesterday, an episode where a big part of the family and especially the “momanager” Kris Jenner got into their heads to start playing tennis. Something which, according to Jenner’s biography, they did a lot back in the days. The majority of the tennis segment was based around how much Kris Jenner moans when she hits the ball. They thought it absolutely ridiculous which can mean two things: