Experience First – Lessons From SOL Republic


Design products with passion and put the experience first and you shall succeed.

Is it that easy? Well, of course not. But if you start there it seems like you improve your chances drastically.

This constant talk about user experience is not just business blabla or a trend – it’s sense. I was sent an interesting video today talking about passion and experience from a product point of view. It’s Brian Solis interviewing SOL Republic‘s co-founder Seth Combs. Watch it below:


Creative iPad ad

Clever ad by Y&R in Rome that makes me think of Aiden’s (8) frequent tinkering with our iPad. There are enough fingerprints there to start an FBI investigation. Or something.

Copy: “Follow us on your iPad.”

Creative credits:
Advertising Agency: Y&R, Rome, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Vicky Gitto
Chief Creative Director: Alessandro Canale
Art Director: Jessica Nardone
Copywriter: Gabriele Di Donato
Account Director: Pierluigi Scozzi
Client Creative Director: Mariano Lombardi


The latest ads – good, bad and ugly

Working in advertising makes you look at ads in a different way. While some people might just turn the page, I like to study execution and idea. Here are a few of the latest print ads that caught my eye.

First one is a nice play on the famous phrase “Home, sweet home.” in the ad becoming, home sweet home. It’s a fun play on words, but it’s hard to say whether the ad will be successful just because of that. Still, Thumbs up.


What is Responsive Design?


Almost everybody working with websites in some way should have heard about responsive design, also called RWD. The site you’re looking at now is using responsive design, meaning that if you look at it in your iPhone, iPad or other digital device, it will adapt its design to the device and provide an optimised viewing experience. The importance of responsive design is increasing every day since more and more people browse the Internet using other gadgets than their desktop or laptop computers.


A/B Testing Your Website, (also called split testing)

Here are some tips around A/B testing (split testing) that I’ve learned from playing around with the excellent Optimizely software.

Nothing is sacred. Question assumptions.

Working with e-marketing for a long time, I’ve always thought a certain landing page, image or message works better than others. You base it on a combination of experience and gut feeling and you think that as a creative you should almost know these things. But after looking at stats from campaigns and trying out different landing page experiments, whilst also researching heavily through sites like Backlink it seems that you can never really know what works – you need to test, test, test until you get it right. And you will often be surprised by the results.


How To Give Feedback To Creatives


Giving feedback to a creative is not easy. Remember, this guy or girl has worked on something with a combined effort of dedication and skill and are not emotionally ready to hear something like: “This sucks. I expected something different.” It’s not constructive or instructive, only destructive.