There is time for nice

Employee-Motivation-Organizational-CultureSaw the brilliant Office Space a few weeks ago. Still relevant today.

Do top level managers have no time for pleasantries? Are they always too busy to say thanks, hi or stop for a quick chat in the corridor? I would say no. I’ve met the opposite a few times, but also the ones that make me write this post.


Do you experience company culture problems?


I found a great post form Forbes about called “10 Signs That a Company Has a Serious Culture Problem” by Shane Atchison of Possible. It’s very good and that’s why I quote it below in full.

Do you or have you worked in a company with a serious culture problem? Please comment below!


Twitter demonstrates customer centricity

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 12.00.55

Customer centricity is the buzzword for companies the world over, but buzzwords doesn’t always translate into sensible actions. But the above is Twitter’s way of understanding what I want and helping me sort it out. It’s a bold move to change something without asking the customer first, but, and I assume this is built on some solid data, they “know” what I want and what my obstacle for achieving it is (laziness in this case, because I could have just switched those notifications off) – so they help me!


Companies Without Managers – Holocracy or Holocrazy?

photo-4Could you trash the standard company hierarchy and build a company without managers? That is the question put forth by Zappos, Medium and a few other companies when introducing a structure called Holocracy. Is it exciting or crazy?

I think it’s exciting (but slightly crazy), please comment what you think! Check out these articles:


Started as a One-Man Band…

One of my closest friends is running Bannerflow, a revolutionary web editor for creating online banner ads. The company has been doing huge strides of late, building a new product, expanding their pool of corporate customers, and now also signing an interesting chairman of the board in mobile operator 3’s CEO Nicholas Högberg. Here is the press release for this signing:


Cubicle blues

Lately (the last five years or so), I’ve been suffering from cubicle blues. For you who don’t know what a cubicle is, it’s in the picture above.

It’s your own little office within the office.

Some of you might call it your own little prison inside the prison, but that might be a bit harsh.