Trump wins and contextual advertising

The population of the United States of America shocked us all today when they voted reality star and business mogul Donald Trump to be the next president. It was joke in “The Simpsons” 16 years ago, but today a guy that has been making fun of women, Mexicans, gays and people with mental disabilities, is now trying to make America great again. If that is without all those people, remains to be seen.


Truly Viral Ads in Christmas Times

This is what happens when ads go truly viral. Westjet’s Christmas stunt spreading the Holiday spirit.

And, you can’t miss the number of funny commercials that Will Ferrell has starred in (as Ron Burgundy of Anchorman fame) for Dodge Durango.


Clever newsletter marketing from BookDepository

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 16.45.57

Got some poetry and 10% off at Bookdepository in a nice effort of clever newsletter marketing. I really like how they focus on the offer and still keep a friendly, personal and original tone. This is a great weapon for getting the customer’s attention. Besides, 10% off is not bad!


What Makes a Good Creative Director?

This is a great article about being a Creative Director that I post in its entirety here. The original article is from graphicPUSH. I have added the bold.

“In the design career path, there are few greater achievements than a skilled designer or copywriter becoming a creative director. It’s a wonderful promotion. Unfortunately, creative people do not usually make good management. Finding the right mesh of talent and interpersonal skills is a very difficult task, which is why good creative directors have been revered — there are so few people who can be creative and manage creative.