Casino Branding and Marketing Strategies


How to create a brand and engage more players

One of the largest industries in the United States is the casino industry because you can profit millions of dollars from this business because of its high demand. An article on Citizenlink revealed that 86% of Americans report having gambled at least once during their lives; and about 46% of legal-aged adults gamble in casinos. Imagine getting almost half of the adult population to play in your casino – that could mean not only millions but billions of dollars. In fact, the casino market of the Las Vegas Strip has an annual revenue of 6.207 billion dollars in 2012, based on the statistics published by the American Gaming Association.

With new casinos being established across the country, and more online gambling sites invading the virtual world; the competition in this industry continues to get tighter. To survive in the casino industry, you need to create your own brand and use marketing strategies to attract more customers. Even game developers have focused on these to stand out among hundreds of online casino websites. International Game Technology (IGT), which is known for developing arcade and casino games that feature pop culture items, has worked with Bet Fair to produce fun and interesting slot games such as Monopoly, Cleopatra, and Ghostbusters. MGM Resorts International, on the other hand, tied up with Ameristar Casinos so that they can share player data systems. This was a wise move for both companies because it increased their market. To help you further improve your casino marketing, here are some tips from Glen Parker of Experian:

1. Study the behavior of your customers so you can provide what they need. By doing so, you can focus on their demands and limit the waste of products.

2. There are different ways on how customers gather information. Make sure to do a research on that so you will know what kind of approach to take when spreading important announcements and information. Since most people know are tech-savvy, the best way to spread the latest news and happenings is through social networking sites.

3. Get feedback from your customers so you will know what needs to be improved on or changed in the casino. To encourage them to share their opinions, offer discounts or freebies.

4. Make a list of your previous customers and re-engage them by giving them special offers and freebies.

5. One-to-one marketing is an effective way of engaging customers because they will feel special knowing that you took time to reach out to them and ask them for their opinion.


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