Funny and relevant communication by Revolut

Revolut has become a shining star on the Fintech scene. The innovative and customer-friendly product speaks to a wide audience and their customer base is growing massively every month. Their communication is also spot on as highlighted by this newsletter related to Brexit. Hey Revolut, give your copywriter a raise.


What is Amazon Echo Show?

Amazon has released their new Alexa speaker with a seven-inch touch screen. It’s called Echo Show and can do a lot of cool things that the previous Echo couldn’t.

Here are a few of the things that Echo Show can do:

* The possibility to start unannounced video calls (unless you reject them within a 10-second timeframe). Yes, this is potentially unsettling and nuts.


Funniest man alive – Louis C.K has a new special

If you haven’t watched Louis C.K’s latest special, do it right now. It’s the funniest thing since his last special, which was the funniest thing since the one before that. Yeah, I’m a fan.

The thing with Louis C.K is that he’s not just telling jokes. He’s making you think. Among the funny punch lines and great accents are actually some very clever thoughts and points. He treats comedy like a craft and you can tell.


The World Chess Championship – Carlsen vs Karjakin

When I was eight years old my father taught me how to play chess. It was one of those moments that could have defined a lifetime and in a way did. I was enchanted by the game’s complexity, started playing almost every day and joined a club. It didn’t take long before I beat my father, then a mid-level club player. I started entering national tournaments for my age and managed to win my first Swedish chess championship for my age when I was ten years old.


Trump wins and contextual advertising

The population of the United States of America shocked us all today when they voted reality star and business mogul Donald Trump to be the next president. It was joke in “The Simpsons” 16 years ago, but today a guy that has been making fun of women, Mexicans, gays and people with mental disabilities, is now trying to make America great again. If that is without all those people, remains to be seen.


Louis CK’s newsletters


If you like comedian Louis CK you really should subscribe to his newsletters. They’re not only funny to read, but they actually have some great learnings for marketeers.

  1. Be personal.
  2. Let your personality shine through.
  3. Transparency is your best friend.
  4. Humor can soften the most aggressive sales pitch.

Just read these two newsletters around his new series “Horace and Pete“.


Coca Cola wants you to “taste the feeling”

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.08.21

Coca Cola has changed their concept from “Open happiness” to “Taste the feeling” and today I was met by above ad on the biggest news site in Sweden. So what”s different you might ask? Well, this article from Adweek goes into detail┬ábut in general Coke wants to put more the focus on the product but still keep the strong emotional appeal that was started with Open Happiness. Personally, I think they do a really good job with it, but Adam Padilla from Brandfire says it best: