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I’ve had some issues with my right knee lately which has prohibited me from running, playing tennis and putting any unnecessary strain on it. My physio recommended me to do a biomechanical analysis at YUE Malta¬†and today I got the results.

What the biomechanical analysis meant was me running and walking, barefoot and with shoes, on a treadmill with cameras tracking my movement. The technology is called OptoGait and there’s probably much more to it than I just described. Just click the link and you’ll find out.

What I found out is that I tend to position my feet differently depending on if I run or walk and the way I do it can create unnecessary impact on the knee and also put strain on my lower back – another problem area of mine.

The next step for me to counter these re-emerging knee problems is a set of exercises that my physical therapist gave me and also buy training shoes with a firmer heal. I currently use Nike Free, which are lovely to walk in, but not really ideal for me.

So I’m happy with the insights, now it’s just about adhering to the training routine. Which is not that easy, but hey, if you want results…no pain, no gain…and all that stuff.

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