Being spiritual without organized religion

This digital drawing has nothing to do with the subject (or maybe it has?), I just like the style of it. Check it out Jacob Souva‘s art here

I’m not a religious person, but I would like to think I’m pretty spiritual. I don’t think you need to believe in an organized religion to be spiritual, actually it might sometimes help not to, because then you’re not weighed down by the “rules” of the religion and can be more open and free in your belief.

This doesn’t mean I’m a hippie, far from it. But it means I believe in the goodness of the human heart and soul and that people can be spiritual and believe in the beauty of life without subscribing to a set of books, laws, or preconceptions.

What made me want to write the above paragraphs was curiously enough listening to Sam Beam (Iron and Wine) on my way to work this morning. Music is a great way for me to get into a spiritual and feeling mood and the sparseness of one man/woman and guitar (Sam’s way of letting the strings really ring is very appealing).

Sam has a pretty dominating beard by the way. Just sayin’.

This is far from his best song, but I like the flamenco dancing in the video.

Also make sure you check out this amazing performance at NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert. You can also download the whole performance here. The third song is especially good, “Tree by the River”, that’s what got me all spiritual this morning.

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2 thoughts on “Being spiritual without organized religion”

  1. You, my sir, have two things going for you.

    A) Your words are quite wise and
    B) You have a phenomenal taste in music!

    Your post made my day =)

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