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Today I managed to spill half a bottle of water on my Macbook Air. It shut itself off and I’m not sure if it will ever start again. I had pretty much everything on that computer: unfinished books, music I listen to daily, important work files, notes, e-mail archives, photos and other important things you might have on a computer. In short: I feel horrible.

But I would have felt worse if it I hadn’t had everything updated thanks to Dropbox, Wunderlist, Evernote, Appstore, and Google. Now I get all my important files back thanks to Dropbox, by bookmarks through Google, my notes through Evernote, and my apps and software through Appstore. The worst scenario becomes losing a computer, not losing priceless information.

It’s good to live in the 21st century sometimes.

The obvious lesson from my clumsiness is to back up your stuff. Back up your stuff. Back up your stuff.

And make sure not to throw your arms around when there are beverages near your electronics.

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