Funny and relevant communication by Revolut

Revolut has become a shining star on the Fintech scene. The innovative and customer-friendly product speaks to a wide audience and their customer base is growing massively every month. Their communication is also spot on as highlighted by this newsletter related to Brexit. Hey Revolut, give your copywriter a raise.

Hi Jonas,

You’re probably Reesly sick of hearing about Brexit by now. We understand. It’s all very Merkely and confusing.

We’re sorry to Boris you with more Brexit stuff, but please don’t send this email to your Juncker folder. We have an important message you May want to hear.

For now, all our politicians have stopped having a Barnier about what deal to sign. This is good news. It means that you’ll stay as part of our UK entity for the foreseeable future, and that you don’t need to do anything on your side for now. There’s a Chancellor this will change in the future, but we will keep you up to date as developments continue.

We suggest that you celebrate by using your Revolut card to go out and buy a sweet treat. Maybe a strawberry Macron.

What is Amazon Echo Show?

Amazon has released their new Alexa speaker with a seven-inch touch screen. It’s called Echo Show and can do a lot of cool things that the previous Echo couldn’t.

Here are a few of the things that Echo Show can do:

* The possibility to start unannounced video calls (unless you reject them within a 10-second timeframe). Yes, this is potentially unsettling and nuts.

* Stream music from a connected device, for example Amazon Music. (Amazon claims it works better with their own services – BIG SURPRISE.)

* Watch YouTube and Amazon Video.

* Connect to security cameras with commands such as: “Alexa, show me the front door”. (We’re still a little time away from “Alexa, shut the front door.”)

I haven’t tried the Echo Show myself, but it certainly sounds like a Blade Runner-ish futuristic product that will have a wide appeal. The design however could have been more “modern”, because to me the Amazon Echo Show looks a little bit like a miniature slanting 80s fat-screen TV.

What do you think about the Amazon Echo Show and its design and features?

Funniest man alive – Louis C.K has a new special

If you haven’t watched Louis C.K’s latest special, do it right now. It’s the funniest thing since his last special, which was the funniest thing since the one before that. Yeah, I’m a fan.

The thing with Louis C.K is that he’s not just telling jokes. He’s making you think. Among the funny punch lines and great accents are actually some very clever thoughts and points. He treats comedy like a craft and you can tell.

If you want to watch a few of Louis C.K specials, I would recommend going to his personal website and downloading them for five bucks or watching them on Netflix.

Enjoy the funniest man alive.