Are you content with your content?


If you’re working in some form of marketing or management role you’ve probably heard the word “content” so many times your ears bleed and you go to bed crying with visions of click baiting videos of cute puppies or a person doing something strange to get the goldfish attention of the ever more demanding internet audience.

It’s the one buzzword to rule them all – content.

But what is content? Nothing? King? Everything?

It’s simple. Content is content. There’s good content and bad content, good being great and bad being everything not great. If you want to make content that a lot of people see, it better be excellent on many levels or you just need a huge load of luck.

Everybody wants to “do” content. Being a content manager is not the same job it was five years ago. Then it was basically managing images and text on a website. Today, if you’re working with content, you better know what you’re doing. You better have a solid understanding of social, viral, buyral, copywriting, blogs, and new trends in web development. Some years back people used to talk bad about “jacks of all trades”, today you need to have a swiss army knife of skills to make it.

So the take-out is that content needs to be good. It needs to have a clear idea and a clear target. On brand and strategy.

Don’t believe in the viral super hit. Most viral stuff already has a platform for other reasons (like celebrity accounts) or are really buyral, meaning someone is paying for it to be shared. Focus on producing high quality content for the right audience and chances are you’ll be fine. You can always hope for a one click wonder, but in the long run it isn’t a good strategy. Better opt for a steady delivery of greatness to be able to meet the high expectations of today’s internet audience. Over-promise and over-deliver.

Content is definitely not everything, but it can be king and it can be nothing. You decide.

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