Adapting to the increasing speed of change

Man, life moves fast these days. Swish, swish and it’s over.

Okay, let’s not get too negative, because I want this to be an upbeat post. What I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is the pace of our lives. Slap, boom, bang and we’re retired.

Oh, shit. I got negative again. Think positive, positive, positive.

Yes, life is fast because communication is instant and the Internet has really changed the world into a global playing field, which in turn has given us so many more options to network, work from home, relocate, but also added an extra pressure, because time has suddenly become even more valuable and we need to be even more efficient, productive, and on the right track, in our careers, relationships and lives.

Working with computers, you can easily lose a day in social media or lazily browsing about. After all, procrastination and being laziness is in most of our DNA. And computers are huge, potential time-wasters, but they can also make us do things we could never dream about before. It’s up to us to decide what we do with them and our time in general.

Not only have computers and the Internet changed the game completely, but we have changed with it too. We expect more from our lives these days, we want success, a great relationship, and loving kids. We want travel the world and realize our dreams. We want to constantly evolve and develop.

All good things, but they tend to put a lot of extra stress on us. The quest to make the most of our time becomes a health hazard as we’re trying to squeeze in our jobs, external projects, volunteer work, kids’ activities, vacations, social media commitments, friends and family into our calendars.

What becomes important in this ever-faster spinning treadmill of life is setting your priorities straight and being flexible enough to change them and your plans if needed. Today it seems like we need to be constantly ready for change, big change, small change, fundamental change. Markets go up and down, jobs are created and lost, businesses start-up, shine, then die. Things move FAST and if we’re not ready to move with them, we’ll get lost. Where we are today, might not be where we are tomorrow and we need to accept that.

What do you need to be able to deal with this increasing speed of change? You need a solid foundation within yourself, meaning you need to feel good about who you are and your abilities.

That’s it? You say, incredulously.

Yeah, I know it’s easy to write a line like that and not explain it. But what I mean is that you need to think of the things you do, the people you hang out with, the relationships you are in, and ask yourself if they add value to you and your life. You need to create that strong core, a good feeling about yourself, a belief in your abilities and possibly a good group of friends or a strong family situation to support you. A good idea would be to state clearly for yourself what your strengths and weaknesses are. Are you lacking something vital in your life? Is there a glaring hole on your CV for the kind of jobs you want? What holds you back for achieving what you want?

The answer to the last question is very often only you.

So ask yourself the tough questions. Questions you might not want to hear. Questions that might net unpleasant answers.

If you answer those questions truthfully and make sure you prioritise and deal with what is lacking in your career, relationship, life, then you will build a strong yet flexible foundation that can kick ass in this time of increasing speed of change.

Wowza. That was a long post. Not sure it said anything. But in this day and age I can go back and rewrite it anytime and it will update instantly.

Note: Above picture is taken from Discovery series, Speed of Life.


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