A personal update

It was a long time since I posted on the blog so I thought, what the hell…

As you all know by now, Hollywood Ass. is out. So far it’s just a soft-launch, meaning I haven’t really done any marketing around the book. We will see what happens once I do, I’m curious about this book and not really sure what to think of it myself to be honest.

Besides Hollywood Ass. promotions, I’m working on a couple of short stories in parallell to have a collection out in a few weeks. Writing short stories is challenging but interesting and the main focus now is finding a red thread through the collection so it makes sense. If you want to read a sample of my short story writing, check out A Killer Date or The Development Talk.

This weekend is being spent relaxing because my work has been murder lately. I’ve been working on two projects concerning our major brands simultaneously and although it’s been going reasonably well, I’m reaching the end of my energy reserves. Luckily, Easter gives us a three-day weekend to get some of that strength back.

Yesterday we went to President’s Kitchen Garden with Bea and Nevada. It was a nice spring day and we all got some well-needed rest. Afterwards Aiden and I headed for the park to play some football and in the evening Lenah and I went to the always excellent restaurant Meat and Co.

A nice, full day. Today we’re going to Valletta and then we’re painting eggs in the Jonsson Easter tradition.

Maybe I will write a few lines too.

Keep well and prioritise life.


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