Hello, I’m Jonas

I’ve been working in some form of marketing role for the last 15 years, most recently as the Chief Marketing Officer for online businesses. I have a strong interest and experience in business development, brand management, and marketing technology. I’ve worked in both large and small organizations and prefer to get hands-on in finding new ways to drive growth and create buzz around products and brands.

Besides being a marketing person, I play and write about tennis (www.tennisnerd.net) and I’m also the author of two novels “The Wake-Up Call” and “Hollywood Assistant” and several short stories.

I’m always on the look for new projects. Contact me via Linkedin or send me an e-mail at jonaswrites@gmail. I’m also on Twitter.

Cheers / Jonas

PS. Things I can do for you:

  • Brand management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Content marketing
  • PR/Social media strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Translations (SWE/EN)


4 thoughts on “Hello, I’m Jonas”

  1. Hi Jonas, I enjoy watching your tennis racket reviews on youtube. I was wondering if you can sometime review oversize rackets like Head TiS6, Wilson K-Zero and Gamma RZR 137, just for those older guys like me who are thinking of changing to lighter but powerful rackets, and also show how much control is actually compromised. Thanks.

    1. Hi Mun,
      Yes, good idea to review some veteran racquets too!

      One I can recommend is the Pacific Nexus 102.

      Regards / Jonas

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